[ 2.5d composition ]

[final presentation]

collaboration with: diego wu law, amanda stjernström,

Project is an exploration of parametric design using grasshopper plugin for rhinoceros software. The surface of form is pre-determent in the way that the further exploration of the design does not distort surface topography. Architecture of the shape is a singular surface with controlled level of curvature. Project focuses on exploration of layering and variety of subdivision within surface typography.  The triangulation of the surface is a first step toward parametric design. The exterior of the project is a set of layers and triangular subdivisions.

sci arc

instructor : satoru sugihara

fall 2014

A course is an exploration of parametric design. Design aesthetic works simultaneously with the tool of the computer design. "Coding form" challenges areas of design by exploring new techniques of computer computations. All the tools learned in the seminar can be easily translated into architectural scale project. Project below focuses on the scale, repetition, and the effects made on each other. The numbers in the coding script are pre-determined, but design is not.​​​​​