[site plan]



instructor : andrew moddrell

spring 2012

The project has urban characteristics and focuses on the connections between a variety of different urban spaces surrounding Goose Island in Chicago . The new construction of landscape is introduced by placing a golf course onto the boundaries of Goose Island. The golf course creates many opportunities which will help generate a wide range of connections between city and that of Goose Island. The rotation of the island is the main focal point, focusing on a more welcoming appearance replacing the industrial look and producing new residential areas associated with the design of golf course. The residential buildings on the West zone creates a barrier from the highway and railroads trucks which are located on the west side of the project. The rotation of the whole island forms two big bodies of water on both sides of the island which help generate the development of new opportunities for activities. The new layout’s creation of two side water banks adds a beautiful man made attraction to the city of Chicago. In addition to the banks a public park also runs across the island, it wraps around of the outside edge of water banks creating a welcoming vibe to attract and interact with the public’s interest.