east attached to existing building wall


west attached to existing building wall

[secondary structure]
 R.3” piped beam system

[canopy structure]
1”deep-square panel frames

 + aluminum panel

[canopy structure]
1”deep - square panel frames 

[secondary structure]
 R.4” web truss system

[secondary structure]
R.4” round columns 

[primary structure]
 R. 5” round columns 

[primary structure]
 R.5 “ bridging  truss

[site condition]

sci arc

instructor :greg otto & sanjeev tankha

fall 2014

Project is located in Rzeszow, Poland. The site of the project is a pedestrian bridge connecting four existing buildings; two on each side. Project is an exploration of the network of existing structure and canopy addition. New structural system supporting the canopy plugs into existing column system holding up the bridge. Main structural element is a central truss connecting four buildings, carrying most of the load. Secondary system is a set of diagonal columns running from the main truss to the existing bridge column system.  The shape of the canopy is generated by manipulation of flat surface. The final design outcome is a curvature platform making the top of the new structural scheme. The roof surface is panelized by flat square panels, which vary in size based on its location. Each panel has a lifted up corner to create depth within the roof architecture. The "Plaszczka" project emphasizes the interaction between the design, engineering and the user.


attached to existing steel column