[modular panel side elevations]

[roof section]


sci arc

instructor : greg otto & sanjeev tankha

fall 2014

Project is a translation of aesthetics of an architectural design into engineering .The envelope of the building is generated by repetition of 12 by 12 feet panel .Each panel consists of a punched window, located in the bottom right corner. There are two type of modular panels embedded within the facade system. The presence of two types of panels is an approach to the issue of corner condition. Building's corners are covered with 90 degree bended panels. The absence of a window within the corner panel covers up the structural columns supporting the buildings floor plates. Metal is a primary material used in fabrication of all the panels. Elements used in the assembly of the panels, are either welded or screwed. The gap between skin of the building and actual building structure emphasizes an importance of both parts, as well as the function of each.