studio final review 2014  Southern California Institute of California Los Angeles


This thing that we call Architecture


Architecture is a way of thinking. It is one of those fields of studies, which gets effected by everything around us. It is the point, where many other fields meet. It is all about connecting dots.The great thing about it, is the fact that we still do not know what it is. We study it, we make it, but it is still not clear.

Two plus two is four and there is no doubt about that. In field of architecture, someone could say; one plus two plus one is four as well, and that is a completely different approach. That is a beauty of this field. You can question everything, you can disagree with everything, un-normal becomes normal.

I strongly believe that origin of architecture comes from physical matter, it is not necessary a building but it is still manipulated by human hands. The physical matter is a driver for written element of architecture. The part we analyze or talk about is crucial ingredient of field of architecture. Words can be transformed into physical matter and vice-versa.

Architecture generates divisions and boundaries and we are all effected by it. It rather works like a labyrinth, in literal way, as well in the way we think. It is the way of getting to the point of, which we set up for ourselves, especially in the design aspect. The steps we take throughout the thinking process, is when we start combining other fields in it.

In my opinion, still the main ingredient of architecture is a building and the ideas embedded in it. Building is a example of physical matter that set up many rules and challenges. The essence of building design is the solution to the problem ,that such a structures sets up. I would also say, it generates many effects , as well as close interaction with the people. Architecture of the building is an idea, and the building is a building.


College of Dupage
Pre-Architecture Program Certificate
Glen Ellyn,IL
 Completed: May,2008
University of Illinois at Chicago 
College of Arts and Architecture
B.S. in Architecture 
Chicago,IL                                                                           Completed: May,2012
Southern California Institute of Architecture 
graduate program  M.Arch 2 Professional Master of Architecture
​Los Angeles,CA                                                    

Anticipated Graduation: September,2015