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sci arc

instructor : eric owen moss

fall 2014

collaboration with :jake hartzell , gregory gordon

What is a high-rise?

​A high-rise provides maximum density in a consolidated space. Inevitably, urban environments have built vertically in order to provide adequate resources for inhabitants in close proximity. Over the last century, the high-rise has evolved from a simple extruded square to a myriad of massing techniques due largely to advancements in structure, circulation, and enclosure. What else must be considered in the design of a high-rise?

On the intersection of Jefferson and National Blvd in Culver City, there is currently a 45’ height restriction for new construction. In an effort to maximize use of the new expo line expansion to Santa Monica, this restriction is beginning to be lifted and will inevitably yield more high rises in the area.  The first high rise in a community should include amenities that attract users in order to promote growth.

What is an office building?

Today, traditional office buildings are becoming less valuable. With technology advancing us toward a mobile and global work flow, many jobs allow for employees to work from home to save money on necessary square footage. What is not being considered is how the lack of a communal workspace negatively affects productivity and the well-being of their employees. An office space is not only for work, but can provide people a social environment where people can feel comfortable and appreciated. A communal space is beneficial in diversifying intelligence and providing a healthy, playful environment to expand creativity.  This is the trend of current and future office buildings.​​