sci arc

instructor : elena manferdini

spring 2014

Window texture projection is a generator of design process.
Creation of the form starts with simple geometrical volumes,
which get manipulated through process of carving. Carving process unfolds after wrapping an image of pre-designed windows layout. Applied texture is a layout of a simple architectural window arrayed in horizontal strips .Every step of carving process changes projection orientation and its shape. Form and texture projection changes simultaneously, every step of design process. The idea is that the texture of the window follows the form. Window system used is this project, is designed in the way, it breaks a rule of typical link between wall and the window. In addition, the typical perpendicular orientation to the ground is broken. Project stress on presents of the" window" and the way it effects the design .Design challenges the presents of window structure. Project tends to question it function and possible ways of transformation.Project has high number of windows, which becomes a part of facade ornamentation. Number of windows is based on the amount of texture projection. Design tends to create a sense of confusion based on the placement and a scale of the windows structures.Project moves away from typical four facade faces de ning the building. Deep punchers allows window to be a part of the massing. Window no longer becomes a separate system but rather is a part of the overall form.Interior design is constructed by system of axis coming from exterior shelltoward the middle of the building. Simple extrusion of the outline shape of the window is a driving factor behind angular structures. Those extrusions are cutting throughout cubical spaces, stocked up in irregular pattern on an inside of the building. Extrusion of the windows becomes a crucial element of the interior design. It allows light to travel deeper into to the building. Process of bringing space to the window gets reverse. Simple extrusion operation allows the window structure to be creating connection between windows itself and the space. Design produces a strong relationship between the form and the window structure.